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Where fragments meet reflections, each spot a tale untold


Creating ‘Spots on My Mirror’ was an intense journey of introspection and self-expression. The conception emerged from my experiences while navigating life with a visual disability. Each piece in the collection represents a moment, an emotion, or a particular struggle I've encountered, rendered into an abstract form. Through various colors, forms, and textures, I've sought to encapsulate a myriad of emotions and self perception. Each 'spot' represents the blemishes of doubt, fear, insecurity, or societal expectations that can obscure our view of ourselves. These spots are not literal but symbolic of the internal and external influences that can distort our self-image. ‘Spots on My Mirror’ is more than a collection of artworks; it's a piece of my life, my struggles, and my perseverance, laid bare for the world to see.


I hope that ‘Spots on My Mirror’ serves as more than a collection of abstract art pieces. It is intended to be a mirror for yourself, reflecting your own spots and prompting you to contemplate your self-perception. It's an invitation to explore, understand, and perhaps even erase some of these spots, fostering a clearer, more compassionate view of oneself. As you as a viewer engage with this collection, I believe you will find a piece of yourself within it, a spot on your mirror waiting to be understood and acknowledged.


"Embark on an immersive exploration of the collection called Spots on my mirror, where you will find series which will unfold like chapters of a captivating narrative, inviting you to delve deeper into the stories behind the art."

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