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My Story





"Nirankaar" is a term deeply rooted in Sanskrit, derived from the word "Nirākāra," signifying abstraction and the absence of physical form. As a Sikh, this name holds profound significance for me, embodying the essence of the formless universe and serving as the very cornerstone of my artistic expression.

Nurtured in the vibrant backdrop of India, my passion for creativity and self-expression flourished throughout my upbringing. Following the completion of my DDS degree from NYU, I embarked on a fulfilling career in dentistry, residing in the beautiful state of California. However, an unforeseen visual disability dramatically altered the course of my life, ultimately leaving me unable to practice dentistry. It is often said that perseverance and a clear vision can lead one to their desired destination. Little did I know that my impaired vision would serve as both the catalyst and inspiration for me to redirect my trajectory.

Through my art, I convey my personal visual narrative, reflecting my distorted perception of the world which appears fragmented and blurry. I utilize vibrant colors and intricate patterns to construct multiple layers in my pieces, mirroring the intricate complexity of my current life. 

My disability inspired me to create vibrant and dynamic pieces that reflect my unique vision of the world. As a self-taught artist, I approach my work with a playful and experimental mindset, using bright colors, organic forms, and digital techniques to create art that is both chaotic and harmonious, reflecting the fragmented and unpredictable nature of my vision.

Despite the fragmented nature of both my art and my vision, my work enables me to produce unique pieces that would not have been possible otherwise, serving as a silver lining to my story. My hope is that my art will not only captivate the viewer, but also spark a conversation about the role of disability in the creation of art. I believe that by embracing our differences and using them as a source of inspiration, we can create a more inclusive and diverse art world.

"Where art becomes an emotional journey, and creativity knows no bounds."

Nirankaar embraces the ethos of breaking free from convention and immerses in the unrestricted freedom to create without constraints. There are no rules here; only the raw, unfiltered expression of my deepest emotions and thoughts. My approach to art is unconventional—I create based on intuition, allowing each piece to blossom organically and authentically, like a living, breathing entity.

It's this fearless pursuit of creativity that sets Nirankaar apart, infusing each artwork with a soul-stirring energy that resonates with viewers on a profound level.


Each piece is a testament to my journey—a reflection of my innermost joys, struggles, and triumphs. Through art, I invite you to join me on this emotional odyssey, where every brushstroke tells a story and every pixel holds a piece of my soul.

Together, let's explore the depths of human emotion and imagination, celebrating the beauty of imperfection and the power of unbridled creativity.

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