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My Story

Afterthought copy.jpg

Nirankaar has its roots in Sanskrit Nirākāra and means the formless one. As a Sikh I hold value to this name and as an artist, its the foundation for my art. I am Daman Gill- Tur and I create digital abstract art. My journey in the digital art world started when an unexpected medical condition left me with distorted double vision in one of my eyes. When we talk about vision, we think of the ability to see or having an imagination. My imagination helped me overcome the obstacle that was placed in front of me. With Nirankaar I bring my vision into your world. The haze, the spots, the lines, all depict my own visual story expressed digitally. Incorporating bright bold colors in my artwork is my way of putting a positive spin on my disability

​Nirankaar was born at the intersection of art and technology. It's a world of digital abstract art as seen through the eyes of the audience. Explore the gallery page to check out my various artwork. Browse The Shop to buy an artwork in various mediums. Head on to the The studio to see the process of my creations. Read the blog to view my thoughts on various topics.

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