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"Seeing the World in a New Light"

"How My Visual Disability Heightens My Appreciation for the Importance of Color in Life and Art"

"Window Panes- A Multitude of Views"

Color, seen in every aspect of our lives, forms the very basis of my art. When somebody asks me what my favorite color is, I’ve no response to that, as my color changes with my emotions, the weather, even the time of the year. I love pastel shades in summer. The California heat makes me want to stay cool by choosing cooler, softer colors. I love reds in December. Maybe the gloomy weather makes me want to opt for bolder, warmer colors and its festive season. If I am happy, I’ll choose any color under the sun which will make me want to dance. If I am gloomy, I might opt for muted shades or darker tones to match my emotion.

Color is an essential element of art that has the power to evoke emotions and create a powerful visual impact. The emotions that color evokes are also based on our personal experiences. If I see lavender and hear a certain song, a very special memory gets unlocked from my childhood. Color and music are two forms of art that are often linked together due to their ability to evoke emotions and create powerful sensory experiences.

Another experience that has been associated with color is pure joy in the form of humor. Those never ending debates as to whether a particular color is black or dark blue, bonus for the person who pipes in,”midnight blue”. Don’t get me started on pink, what about hot pink or baby pink or blush and wait for it- champagne. Well, one time I did ask my partner to get me a champagne-colored bag. He looked at me all strange and asked me again if I was asking for the bag or champagne. As flabbergasted as he was, I am even more when I delve into greens. Do I choose Forest Green, Hunter Green, Artichoke Green, Moss Green, Emerald Green, Sea Green (wasn’t sea shades of blue), Sage Green, Lime Green, Fern Green, Mint Green, Army Green, Shamrock Green, Celadon, Avocado (yes its a shade of green too), Viridian, Granny Smith Apple (again, not the fruit but name of a color), Bottle Green? On and on I can go, I kid you not when I say there are 134 shades of green and possibly more. My favorite name, Sea Foam, could never really understand if I am supposed to look for this color under Blues or Greens.

Jokes apart, color is one thing I love about life. When I wake up in the morning, the smell of coffee might work for millions, but the one thing that truly wakes me up is the burst of colors you see all around you. I love the sunlight filtering through the curtains and spilling into my living room. I have always loved colors and the joy they bring with them, but because of my visual disability, that’s where I live now, amongst color. My disability makes it hard for me to see in dark conditions. I need brightness for everything. My art reflects that, you will see an explosion of colors in my artwork because that’s how I can make my art. I need color in every little thing, otherwise it's harder for me to see what I am creating. Color just makes my world a little brighter, literally and metaphorically…



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