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In "The Silence Before the Storm," a tempest of emotions brews within the canvas, captured in a symphony of bold strokes and colorful hues. The piece features a range of warm and cool colors, creating a dramatic and moody atmosphere. The shapes and lines in the piece are jagged and asymmetrical, suggesting the unpredictable nature of the storm. Like a gathering storm on the horizon, the artwork exudes a palpable tension, as if holding its breath in anticipation of the impending tempest. 


Yet, amidst the quietude, there lies a sense of power and potential, as if the very air crackles with energy, waiting to be unleashed. It's a moment frozen in time, suspended between tranquility and turbulence, inviting viewers to ponder the fragile balance between stillness and upheaval in the face of life's storms. This duality invites the viewer to contemplate the complexities of life and the potential for growth and transformation that can emerge from embracing uncertainty and the unknown.


  • Limited edition Giclee on Canvas

  • Only 1 print available for each size in both mounting styles. 

  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity hand signed by the artist.

The Silence Before The Storm

PriceFrom $14.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Order your canvas either Unmounted or Stretched Mount.


    • Your artwork will be carefully rolled and shipped in a tube, ready for framing. It arrives unframed with an additional 2-inch border around the ordered size, providing extra canvas for mounting.

    Stretched Mount

    • Opt for a modern presentation with your canvas print mounted over 1.5-inch thick stretcher bars. These prints are designed to be hung unframed or placed into a canvas floater frame. By default, the sides will be plain white unless otherwise specified.

    Please note:

    For Stretch Mounted Image Wraps: Another option available upon request, where the image wraps around the sides of the canvas. This option is only available per request. Kindly allow an additional 2 days for shipping with this option.


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