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Discover Art by
Daman Gill- Tur

Nirankaar is a premier Online Art Store for art enthusiasts and collectors. At Nirankaar, we believe in the power of visual metaphors to transcend boundaries and ignite contemplation. Step into a world where every stroke carries the weight of personal experience and societal reflection. Discover “The Portfolio”, where emotions take shape and stories unfold through abstract art. Browse “The Shop” where each piece is not just a creation, but a journey. As you delve into our gallery, browse new arrivals in our shop, visit our studio, or peruse our blog, embrace the opportunity to untangle the intricate threads woven into each artwork. Let your imagination roam freely through the rich tapestry of human expression.

The Gallery


Step into The Shop, where creativity meets craftsmanship, offering a unique    selection of fine art paper prints and canvas pieces.Our collection has only Limited- Edition prints but features a wide range of designs that are sure to catch your eye, from bold and vibrant creations to more subdued and intricate pieces. Elevate your space with emotive artworks that capture the essence of raw emotion and storytelling, crafted with passion and dedication.


Embark on a journey through The  Portfolio, where  emotions transcend canvas - Immerse yourself in the captivating world of  abstract art by Daman, where every stroke tells a story and each piece is a reflection of inner truths. Explore a gallery of evocative creations, inviting you to delve deeper into the realms of emotion and thought. Welcome to a journey where art becomes the language of the soul.


 The Studio is the perfect place to explore and gain a deeper understanding of my artwork. This is where the magic happens, where my ideas take shape, and where my artwork comes to life.  So, come and take a peek behind the curtain, and discover how I turn my ideas into stunning  abstract art pieces.

"Unleash the power of formlessness with Nirankaar, 
where abstract art takes on new dimensions."

Featured Collections


Where inner storms give birth to the colors of the soul...


Where Secrets Echo Through Leaves, Nature's Whispers Unveiled...


Join us to explore the limitless possibilities of abstract art with Nirankaar.

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