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"Whispers of the Tree" is a captivating piece of digital abstract art that features a delicate and intricate composition inspired by nature. The tree is depicted as extruding from the surface of the artwork, with its branches and leaves spreading out in a seemingly random yet harmonious manner. The darker undertones in the artwork add depth and complexity to the piece, hinting at a hidden, mysterious aspect to the tree's presence. This piece invites the viewer to contemplate the beauty and power of nature, and to listen to the whispers of the tree as it offers its secrets and wisdom to those who seek it.


  • Limited edition Giclee on Canvas

  • Available in 6 colors

  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity hand signed by the artist and the edition number.

Whispers of the Tree

PriceFrom $21.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Order your canvas either Unmounted or Stretched Mount.


    • Ships in a tube, is unframed, an extra 2-inch border is added around the size being ordered providing extra canvas for mounting.

    Stretched Mount

    • The canvas print will be mounted over 1.5 inch thick (depth) stretcher bars. These prints are meant to be hung unframed or inserted into a canvas floater frame. Side will be plain white unless specified.

    The following option is only available per request. Please contact us and add 2 extra days for Shipping.
    Stretch Mounted Image Wraps -The canvas print will be mounted over 1.5 inch thick (depth) stretcher bars and the image will wrap on the sides with a fraction of an inch around the back. These are usually hung without a frame.

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